CCI North has a 7 to 15 member Board of Directors. Fifty percent of the Directors are elected for a term of two years or until the second annual meeting thereafter (whichever occurs first) and fifty percent of the Directors are elected for a term of one year or until the next meeting thereafter (whichever occurs first).

Any member in good standing can serve on the Chapter Board.The Board meets as necessary to conduct its’ business. The Board elects from the members the Executive of the Chapter – Chairperson, President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Directors usually chair and/or serve on Chapter committees.

CCI NAC Executive Director
Alan Whyte
P: 780-453-9004

CCI NAC Administrative and Marketing Coordinator
Candace Graham 
P: 780-453-9004
Chairperson/Membership Chair
Sandi Danielson

Prince Property Inc.
P: 780-416-9098
Anand Sharma

CS Management Inc.
P: 780-760-6197
First Vice President/Communications Chair
Marsha Thurlin

The Landing Condominium
P: 780-940-0659
Second Vice President/Education & Sponsorship Chair
Shantel Kalakalo

Wade Engineering Ltd
P: 780-486-2828
Barbara L. Surry, CPA CMA

P: 780-467-0562
Dawn Mitchell
Hub International Phoenix Insurance Group
P: 780-453-8407
Website, Director
Rafal Dyrda

P: 1-800-274-9704 Ext. 701
Maurice Perrault
Harbour Park Condominiums
P: 903-3314
Todd Shipley, BA, LLB
Reynolds, Mirth, Richards & Farmer LLP
P: 780-497-3339
Trudy Anderson

KDM Management Inc
P: 780-460-0444
Hugh Willis 

Willis Law
P: 780-809-1888
Leo Liebel

Wade Engineering Ltd.
P: 780-486-2828
Chris Vilcsak
Solution 105 Consulting
P: 780-945-9606