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A recent court case in Alberta has ruled in favour of the inclusion of age under the Human Rights Act. This was due to a push by seniors advocate Ruth Adria whose intention was to protect seniors from blatant discrimination in our society.

One of the uninteneded consequences of this decision now means that occupancy age restrictions in condominiums will no longer be permitted unless the Alberta Government provides an exemption. The government is required to finalize the legislation no later than January 6, 2018.

CCI North Alberta surveyed its members and the public and found that over 75% of the 1300 surveyed supported age restriction allowances in condominiums regardless of whether or not they currently owned or resided in an age restricted condominium. Given that the current number of age restricted condominiums is believed to be less than 10% it is imperative that condominium owners unite and let the Alberta Government know that we wish to still have the opportunity of choice when making for most people their largest lifetime investment. If we do not act, age restricted condominiums, whether it be Adult only (18+), 45+(where the largest portion of age restrictions appear to be) or 55+ will not be enforcable.

Please join our our Hands off our Homes Campaign and review our "Points of Interest" pageInformation card and postcard for the Minister. Contact your MLA  as well as Alberta Justice that you support an exemption for occupancy age restrictions in condominiums.  We encourage you to contact our office if you require additional literature to be distributed.

Friends, together we can preserve condominium living in Alberta that protects your investment, and allows for lifestyle choice.