First off, I would like to congratulate all of our members, our sponsors, our volunteers, our committees, and our Board of Directors on the achievement of once again being named Chapter of the Year for CCI! To win in back to back years demonstrates that our continued efforts have not gone unnoticed by our peers across the country. As the second largest chapter (second only to Toronto) we continue to lead the organization in membership growth, educational events and opportunities, as well as advocacy on behalf of owners and the industry. Congratulations to all! Let me also personally thank you all for re-electing me as your President for my sixth term. I am honoured and humbled to stay on with your support, I know that member expectations are high and I will continue to work hard to meet those expectations. We had an incredible number of candidates, twenty-four, with 10 open vacancies which again demonstrates how vibrant and exciting our organization has become. Special congratulations to newly elected members Susan Milner from TEGA Property Management, Darcie-Lee Rea who is the owner of Hallmark Management, and Trinity Player with BFL Insurance Canada. The team is remarkably diverse with condominium owners, managers, and industry members, I look forward to working with everyone as we continue to provide value for membership, and educational opportunities for all. Please spread the word about joining CCI North Alberta. We have an amazing organization that offers services condominium owners and boards alike could benefit greatly from. Every new member helps our organization grow and provide new educational opportunities at more affordable rates to our community. This winter has been about positive change in our organization, and in my life too. I am blessed to be in a supportive industry with incredibly talented people! Happy Holidays and New Year to everyone, may 2018 be a year filled with joy, love, and peace for all.

Anand Sharma, President
CCI North Alberta